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Elogio al jazz mexicano - Periódico REFORMA 

"... En su visita, Ménard no ha perdido el tiempo. Se paseó por el Zinco y el Pasagüero, lo sorprendió el Funk de Fisura, una de las mejores bandas que ha escuchado en los últimos años, capaz de refrescar el género con estupendas melodías; el trabajo de Matías Carbajal, acompañado por músicos de primera línea, y T´Orus, una alineación juvenil de hip-hop y jazz."

El Paso Times

Mexican composer and pianist Matias Carbajal is, in many ways, a hard man to pin down.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist who grew up listening to and playing songs by popular 1980s artists like Sting Dire Straits, as well as classic rockers Queen, he studied design before opting for a life of music. He is now in his 20th year as a professional musician.

"When I started to do music on my own, it was jazz that I liked the most because it's more difficult to write songs with lyrics," Carbajal said in a phone interview from his home in Mexico City. "So I like to compose instrumental music and I began to get closer to jazz."

Carbajal is part of a new wave of jazz artists coming out of Mexico. He said that the Mexican jazz scene has continued to develop its own sound over the last five to 10 years, as has he. As a self-taught musician he constantly tries to identify and improve on his weaknesses and continue to write new and interesting compositions.

"There's very good musicians in Mexico," Carbajal said. "Many perform around Mexico and in the U.S. as well. There's a lot of new music that's being made. It's not standards that they are playing, they are composing and giving new ideas to jazz with Mexican and Latin influence."

Carbajal's music combines jazz with rock influences and a "Mexican and Latin feeling," on his debut CD "Geografica Vivencial" with his newest project, The Matias Carbajal Jazz Ensemble. The group is currently recording their newest CD, to be titled "Mirando el Cielo," which will be released later this summer. Carbajal and his group will perform Sunday at the El Paso Blues and Jazz Festival at the Chamizal National Memorial.

Carbajal, who has performed concerts twice before at UTEP, said the festival will offer a unique experience for new and veteran blues and jazz fans.

"I think its very healthy for the jazz music," Carbajal said. "Jazz music has always been a very indoor music and I think it's a good thing for people to go find jazz music and enjoy it enjoy (it, the way you would) a rock festival or an outdoor, sunny event."

Se entiende que el pianista y compositor Matías Carbajal tenga una relación profunda con las artes plásticas... leer mas

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